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By producing only a limited number of a given title, and by making it publicly known that production will be limited to xxx number of copies, the record companies have a greater likelihood of having a particular title sell out quickly, rather than sitting on a shelf for a period of months or years. A couple of months later, RCA Records began to press the album on regular black vinyl as a cost-cutting move, which would have made the blue pressings rare and desirable. Because the value of a particular record is tied to so many factors, it’s difficult to give a general answer as to its value without knowing all of the particulars about that particular pressing. One factor that can significantly affect a vinyl record’s value is the availability of reissues. The same applies to a barrel of oil. In the 1950s, it was rare for even a popular album to sell much more than a million copies. card classic compact. We’ve written a detailed article about Japanese records. Starting in the 1980s, record companies took a different approach, and reduced the prices of slow-selling records, keeping them in print but offering them for sale at a lower price point. can affect vinyl records value is if the record in question is a promotional issue. On rare occasions, acetates have been sent to radio stations as promotional items when regular pressings were not yet available. When an album is reissued, the original vinyl record’s value usually falls in the marketplace. Hot New Top. Counterfeit records first appeared on the market in the late 1960s or early 1970s and while the early attempts were rather obvious and fairly crude, technology has improved in recent years, making many counterfeit records difficult for the layman to identify. A sealed copy of the limited edition (500 only) pink vinyl pressing of Porcupine Tree's 2007 LP Fear of a Blank Planet. 9.6K likes. While scarcity can be a major factor in a vinyl record’s value, intentional scarcity can affect it even more. Page created for all those who grew up with vinyl and for all those who still don't know it Here is 10% off more great records on The Sound of Vinyl store. (new window). osób lubi to. Counterfeit Records Contact | Terms and Legal | Privacy | Data, An original stereo pressing of Hi Fi a La Espanola by Frederick Fennell and the Eastman-Rochester Pops Orchestra, A sealed original mono pressing of the Rolling Stones 1965 LP Out of Our Heads, A stereo third state Butcher cover copy of Yesterday and Today by the Beatles. While his first five records for the Memphis-based Sun label sold reasonably well for their day, their sales figures were minuscule compared to those of his later releases on RCA, making the Sun versions fairly valuable. Acetates are the first step in the process of making a record, as they can be plated with metal and used to make stampers for production of the copies sold in stores. Record companies do pay attention to such market trends, and today, it’s quite common to see newly-pressed reissues of albums for sale that haven’t been available on the market in decades. While tens of thousands of artists have released records since the invention of the medium, not all of them interest the public in equal measure. Just another pcrp Sites site. The difference in price can range from modest to quite significant, depending on the artist and title. Test pressings are a bit more common than acetates, and are made to test stampers prior to mass produced production runs. While acetates can be played as one would play any regular record, they don’t wear particularly well and will become quite noisy after only a few plays. Most of these were pressed in quantities of only a few hundred copies. These are known as picture sleeves, and most of the time, these picture sleeves were available only with the original issues of the records. Over the years, the Franklin Mint has released a number of recordings as limited edition sets, usually spanning many volumes. While autographed albums and single aren’t particularly common (while forgeries of them are), they usually do command a premium over regular copies of the record that are not signed. Sublabel of Warner Music UK / Rhino Records, used for vinyl releases and accompanying MP3 downloads. Furthermore, even the outdated price guides can offer insight as to how a vinyl record’s value has increased over time. Record price guides are still published today and they’re still useful tools. Some artists are simply more popular as well as more collectible than others. Sometimes, a limited number of copies of a given album will be pressed on colored vinyl, with a larger number pressed on black vinyl. Still, as a rule, popular artists will have records with higher values than obscure ones. Looking for the value of a Vinyl Record, CD, Cassette or any other music format? Other countries, however, have been known to create dramatically different versions of records from the U.S. or UK counterparts. On the other hand, even records that sold well when new can become scarce in time, especially when one takes the condition of the record into account. Japanese pressings were also issued with a paper sash, or “obi,” that wrapped around the cover and provided information for the buyer in Japanese. Sealed Records Vinyl Records Value – What Are Your Records Worth? Welcome, vinyl collector! One factor that can affect vinyl records value is if the record in question is a promotional issue, as opposed to a commercial, or “stock,” copy of the record. Release dates: These are only a guide. Over the past 40 years, a number of books have been published every other year or so that list the value of certain types of records. In the early 1960s, Columbia Records would occasionally press promotional copies of both singles and albums on colored vinyl (we’ve seen red, yellow, blue, green, and purple) in order to grab the attention of radio programmers. fully signed depeche mode music for the masses uk vinyl lp mute records 1987 Sale Price $ 1.353,43 Sale Date : 01 Nov 2020 As a result, the album sold poorly and soon went out of print. Mono vs. Click any of the links below to jump to each category: Age of the Record Keep in mind that these prices reflect retail sales, and not the amount of money that you’d receive if you’re selling to a store or a reseller. In recent years, records have become more of a niche item, and record companies are somewhat hesitant to spend the money to master, press, and distribute them. When you buy a valid Vinyl product, you will find an insert card inside the package that looks similar to this. None of these artists were very successful and their records sold poorly when new. While the value of a mono record in relation to its stereo counterpart will depend on when the record was released, quadraphonic copies are almost always worth more money than the same album in stereo. Vinyl Collectors. Most mass produced records sold over the past 60 years or so have been poorly cared for by their owners. These “promo-only” releases are usually sought after by collectors, though the interest in them will be directly related to the interest in the artist. For various reasons, some picture sleeves are harder to find than others, and there are a number of records, some by famous artists, where certain picture sleeves are rare to the point where only a few copies are known to exist. Such albums may be live recordings, made for radio broadcast, or perhaps compilation albums, again intended to stimulate airplay. Free trial edition. With the former, such as Elvis Presley, Pink Floyd, blues singer Robert Johnson, or the Beatles, many of their records remain both valuable and highly collectible long after they stopped recording or even after their deaths. By the 1980s, albums selling more than 5 million copies were relatively common. Poor selling albums were usually removed from the catalog and existing copies were sold at a discount. Hot New Top Rising. We have thousands of records and CDs across 15 categories & all musical genres including many Rare and Collectable Records and Vinyl. Sometimes, promotional copies of a particular record may be different from the stock counterpart. Vinyl Collectors r/ VinylCollectors. The Masters of Rock collection traces back the history of these great Rock’n’Roll figures without whom Rock and music in general would not be what they are today. Collectors often become interested in records that have gone out of print, and the prices for these no longer available titles can get quite high, depending on the artist and title. Acetates, or lacquers, as they are more properly known, are records that are individually cut on a lathe by a recording engineer. Catalog your vinyl collection with this music database software. It goes without saying that a counterfeit copy of a rare record will have limited value when compared with an original pressing. While it has happened less often in recent decades, changes in label art an appearance were quite common among the major labels during the 1960s and 1970s. Sort by Artist Build or expand your collection with popular pre-orders, new releases, and best-selling vinyl. The practice isn’t limited to rare or valuable titles, either, as a number of mass-produced titles were counterfeited in the late 1970s. Between 1957 and 1968, records were usually sold in both mono and stereo, and between about 1972 and 1976, a few records were available in 4 channel quadraphonic sound. The exception to this would be records from companies that do not ordinarily release records, such as the Franklin Mint. Sometimes, minor differences on labels can make a difference, as well. “Old records” may have some value, but as a rule, it’s not because they’re old. In general, a copy of an album that is still in original, unopened shrink wrap will sell for a lot more money than one that is in opened condition, even if the opened copy has not been played. As with acetates, test pressings are usually used for evaluation purposes by record company personnel, though they are occasionally sent out as promotional items. Automatically downloads song lists and cover images from What the “common vs. scarce” factor means is that the most valuable record by a particular artist may not be their best-known title, but rather one that was disregarded by the public and/or critics when originally released, making it relatively scarce today. Finding Recent Prices Sometimes, test pressings may contain different versions of one or more songs from the commercially released albums. Vinyl, Streetwear, Sneakers and more Good Stuff Carefully Composed since 2002. Welcome to the newest version of our website. Label Variations More often than not, withdrawn releases will also command substantial prices on the collector market. osób lubi to. Related Categories. Click here to visit our rare records store. Usually, all vinyl releases contain a unique … These so-called “Script Cover” pressings of the album have sold for more than $1000. So you can send 10,20, 30, 40,...LPs for £8.00. Angel – Bad Publicity – The 1979 album Bad Publicity had a cover that depicted the band having a raucus party in a hotel room.

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