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diaspora chinoise géoconfluence

The 21st century has witnessed a special wave of Chinese migrants to Oceania, because it plays a small but increasingly significant role in China’s efforts to further its economic and strategic interests. Similarly, the cities of Manchester and London in the UK continue to receive substantial numbers of Chinese Migrants. South Africa has the largest community of ethnic Chinese in Africa, amounting at circa 500,000 people (Migration Policy Institute, 2012). The Chinese community in Canada is one of the largest overseas Chinese communities and is the second-largest in North America after the United States, and also the seventh-largest in the Chinese diaspora. Author: John Lee, Canberra. ChinaSF, Accessed on: 09.04.14, Available at:, San Francisco Chinatown, Available at: Discover (and save!) California had the largest number of Chinese immigrants in 2010 with 577,745 people and 32.0 % of the total Chinese-born population (Migration Policy Institute, 2010). Over the last decade the Chinese population in the Western part of Russia has increased to 300,000 people. She focuses especially on the media's role in communication, in fostering a sense of community, in defining different kinds of 'transnational Chineseness' - overseas Chinese communities are often very different from one country to another - … By adopting the methods of semi-structured interview and online observation with 30 participants from Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, this thesis has drawn three findings. The Chinese diaspora’s role in the rise of China 14 September 2016. Accessed 09/04/2014. & Wu 2013). From an economic point of view, the influence and contribution of Chinese Diasporas to the global community has been remarkable since the 19th century, when Chinese merchants started setting up their first businesses in California. Library links . Ressources de géographie pour les enseignants, Ressources pour les concours (Capes, agrégations, ENS...), Géographie en langues étrangères (DNL allemand, anglais, italien, espagnol), « Les populations d'origine indienne hors de l'Inde : fabrique et enjeux d'une "diaspora" », "Phénomène diasporique, transnationalisme, lieux et territoires", La Chine, la modernisation encadrée d'un territoire global, Les relations nature-sociétés face au changement global, Le développement durable, approches géographiques, La frontière, discontinuités et dynamiques, Le vin entre sociétés, marchés et territoires, Les espaces littoraux : gestion, protection, aménagement, Les nouvelles dynamiques du tourisme dans le monde, Fait religieux et construction de l'espace, Géographie de la santé : espaces et sociétés, Remue-méninges, conférences de 2001 à 2003, Territoires européens : régions, États, Union, Les espaces ruraux et périurbains en France : populations, activités, mobilités, Le Japon : les fragilités d'une puissance, États-Unis : espaces de la puissance, espaces en crises, Afrique subsaharienne : territoires et conflits, La Chine entre espaces domestiques et espace mondial, La Russie : des territoires en recomposition, La Méditerranée, une géographie paradoxale, Lyon, espaces et échelles d’une métropole européenne, Les mondes arctiques, espaces, milieux, sociétés. Abstract. First of all, from a sociological and cultural point of view, the role of Chinese emigrants has also considerably contributed to the development of economic and cultural aspects with distinct countries and societies in the world. Mainly due to China’s investment in oil and infrastructure, which overtook the US to become Africa’s biggest trading partner in 2009, waves of migrants have temporarily settled in many African countries to work as construction workers and traders. & Wu 2013),  In Spain’s case, economic progress experienced during the 1990’s and early 2000’s has been the fundamental factor in attracting Chinese migrants, with a Spanish-based Chinese diaspora of around 150,000 based there. In 2006, the number reached 147,600, 3.66% of all local inhabitants (Minghuan, 2011). In south-east Asia, Chinese migrants dominate business despite forming only a small minority of the population, controlling around 60% of the region’s private corporate wealth (Xing, 2008). Several traditional Chinese events have been spread worldwide and adopted by the societies of its host countries. Today 376,584 Chinese-born migrants live in the State of New York (McCabe, 2012). The Chinese migrant presence in the African region is proving ever more prominent and important. The estimated Chinese population in Europe is about 2.15 million (Gui, 2011) and the most striking point regarding migration from China to Europe are the rise in forms of irregular migration and the expansion of new channels of migration, especially student migration. In addition, the second generation of Chinese diaspora members may live in cultural borderlands; they do not fully identify themselves either with the culture of their native country, or with that of the host country. diaspora chinoise chine informations. ln the United States of America, we can still find important migratory movements from Chinese citizens, particularly in larger cities such as San Francisco (Migration Expert, 2011). The number of Chinese migrants in Nigeria has grown exponentially since 1999, including not only Chinese citizens, but also Taiwanese and people from Hong Kong. isbn. Additional Physical Format: Online version: Ma Mung, Emmanuel. China's economic growth is a much debated issue and is said to change the face of the world and presently world economic patterns are being reshaped. The oldest Chinatown in America is in San Francisco, though the largest one is in New York City. The major elements of Chinese culture which have been incorporated into local communities around the world are food, language, medicine and cultural events. Traditionally, they form big communities to enhance relations within their members and feel at home in a new country. That is, the German and Irish diasporas date from around the 18th century or perhaps slightly earlier. The Diaspora Division serves as the focal point and hub for implementing the African Union decision to invite and encourage the African Diaspora to participate in the building and development of the African continent. In the UK it is estimated at around 630,000 (Latham, 2011). In this way, the Southeast of Asia is still one of the most important destinations in the world for Chinese migrants, but at the same time, other countries such as the US, Australia or New Zealand have gained momentum and constitute nowadays big Chinese overseas hubs of economic power. Chinese population in Russia is estimated around 300,000 (European Chinese Association, 2008) and the main communities are in Moscow Chinatown, where around 15,000 live (Neumeyer, 2012) and in the Russian Far East (Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, and Ussuriysk). According to the Blue Book of International Migrations of China, China is undergoing its third wave of migration. These new migrants tend to belong to a middle-class and intellectual elite, with a preference to migrate to Western industrialized countries and who want to find jobs in emerging market places, or to simply find a better environment with a higher quality of life for their children (Tébar Arjona, 2013). The economic power of the Chinese Diaspora. Diaspora chinoise. The Chinese diaspora in France consists of people of Chinese ancestry who were born in or immigrated to France.The population of the community is estimated to be about 600,000, making it the largest Asian community in the country. In October 2009, the Mayor of Johannesburg Amos Masondo, visited the Chinatown located in Cyrildene, in an act of ‘symbolic recognition’ to strengthen ties between the local community and the South African state. The overseas Chinese population amounts to 1,146,250 people in 2005. However, China's official Xinhua News Agency reported that in 2008 the number grew to 10,000 Chinese people living in Tanzania. In fact, Chinese migration abroad has several implications, particularly on the economics, politics and culture. 3. Angola–China relations date back to the independence of Angola and the two countries are tied by an emerging trade relationship. The history of the Chinese diaspora in the United States is long and complex. Selon Michel Bruneau (2011), le terme « diaspora Â» désigne un phénomène migratoire et transnational répondant à quatre principaux critères : 1. Today, it is estimated that there are between 200,000 to 250,000 Chinese nationals or people of Chinese descent in Brazil (Roberti, 2012). The bigger the community, more influence and interactions it has with local indigenous population. French Chinese communities are the oldest communities in Europe. Paris : Ophrys, 2000 (OCoLC)606363327 Online version: Ma Mung, Emmanuel. ; 2879. imprint. In China’s case, sustained growth has been the result of economic reforms and, in particular, of the "opening up" policy that started during the 1970´s. China and India account for 35% of migrants in the world: more than 70 million people. While short episodes of Chinese migration can be traced back through history, the phenomenon generally referred to as “Chinese Diaspora” only dates back to the mid-19th century (Liu & Van Dongen, 2013). Click here to load MARC record link to old catalogue. The main community is in Auckland. Includes bibliographical references. Report a problem. Chinese people represent the largest non-European ethnic origin in Canada, amounting at circa 1,487,580. The overseas Chinese population is 2,808,300 (2011). In the last decades we have been witnessing a new migrant phase, characterized by skilled and knowledgeable Chinese citizens with still strong ties with the motherland. According to the director of the Angolan Office of Migration and Foreigners, Chinese people living in Angola during the year 2012, amounted to 258,920 people. The Chinese diaspora is one of the largest spreads populations amongst many countries around the world, which contributed in influencing the life of the indigenous population and sometimes raised challenges and competitions, both for the immigrants and the indigenous population. An illustrative example would be the case of Major UK-based organizations, like the London Chinese Community Centre, the London Chinatown Chinese Association, the Yellow Earth Theatre Company and London Chinese Cultural Centre. In Asia, Singapore is the most important destination for the Chinese migrants, and it is also the most developed economic centre for this community, with a current overseas Chinese population of 2,832,510 living there. Aller au contenu. The data presented in this section intends to give a detailed outline about Chinese Diaspora and their presence in the global community. Lagos and Kano host the biggest Chinese communities in Nigeria. The second requirement for justifying the term diasporais to show that the similarities between separate communities create the conditions for actual transnational linkages and interrelationship. According to the IMO, there are currently about 200 million migrants in the world. The competitiveness with Chinese migrants leads to tensions with the indigenous population; for example in Johannesburg, South Africa, cultural tensions are often felt between the black and Chinese communities, especially since Chinese business is often in direct competition with black business, which is heavily supported by the government’s Black Economic Empowerment Policy (BEE). Since the 19th century Chinese citizens have targeted Southeast Asian countries in order to be part of their prosperous economies. Nevertheless Chinese citizens coming from urban areas, mainly from the city of Beijing, have begun to migrate. In 2010 Chinese people living in the USA accounted for 37.6%, of the population. Concretely since the 1980s, when several landmark policy reforms were adopted by the Chinese government, this propelled the development of cultural links between the South East of Asia and China and facilitated the migration of Chinese people. Chinese Historical Society of America, (2006). Compared with the 2001 Census, Chinese migrants in Australia have been increasing by 4.07% per year from 2006. Les diasporas asiatiques (chinoise, indienne) occupent une part croissante des diasporas mondiales tout en représentant une faible part de la population d’origine.

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